Top 5 Highest Performing AdSense Banner Sizes and Formats for Publishers [2024]

5 Highest Performing AdSense Banner Sizes and Formats for Publishers

Any publisher always wants the ad size should be the best so that it has a good impact on their website and due to the best ad size, there is a chance of increasing the earnings. So are you also searching for 5 Highest Performing AdSense Banner Sizes and Formats for Publishers on the internet? You have reached the right place.

This is especially important for all of you to know and as per the latest Statista data, it is revealed that there were 4.2 billion mobile internet users in the year 2021. But it is increasing very fast and by the year 2025, this number is expected to reach 5 billion.

Does the Google Ads Banner Size Matter?

Before knowing about the 5 Highest Performing AdSense Banner Sizes and Formats for Publishers you must know why banner size matters, So let me tell you that whenever you have placed the Google Ads banner incorrectly then the chances of getting clicks on the ads on your website may reduce. With this in mind, we present the five highest-performing Google AdSense banner sizes.

So in this interesting article, we will share and show you the highest performing Google AdSense banner sizes and formats, and where to place them the get better results.

5 Highest Performing AdSense Banner Sizes and Formats for Publishers 1 - Papaya Coders
5 Highest Performing AdSense Banner Sizes and Formats for Publishers

If you want to get more information and support then you directly take the Google support team to help you choose ad sizes that best complement your pages:- Click Here

Top 5 Highest Performing AdSense Banner Sizes

Here in this heading, we share with you the 5 best ad sizes that you can use to create high-performing Google AdSense banner sizes that have better visibility, and at the same time, provide a better user experience.

Top 5 Highest Performing AdSense Banner Sizes - Papaya Coders

Leaderboard (728×90):

The 728×90 leaderboard ad size is a widely used and effective format in online advertising due to its visibility, ability to drive high click-through rates as well as versatility in delivering marketing messages.

Large Rectangle (336×280):

Its ability to attract clicks as well as generate revenue makes it a highly preferred choice for publishers seeking effective advertising solutions, The 336×280 large rectangular ad size in Google AdSense is very popular for its ability to blend harmoniously within a website content, Which attracts users without disrupting their browsing experience in any way.

Large Rectangle 336x280 1 - Papaya Coders

Skyscraper (300×600):

The 300×600 Skyscraper ad size in Google AdSense takes up vertical ad space, which can effectively complement the website content without putting any kind of pressure on users. Its ability to display attractive content and its unobtrusive placement make it a huge boost in ad visibility and revenue. Makes a favorable choice in maximizing creation.

Skyscraper 300x600 1 - Papaya Coders

Medium Rectangle (300×250):

Medium rectangle ad size is 300 pixels wide and 250 pixels high, and the 300×250 medium rectangle ad format fits seamlessly into the content sections of webpages, This ad size is highly preferred for its adaptability and ability to engage without disrupting the viewer’s browsing experience.

Mobile Banner (320×100):

A mobile leaderboard is an ad format specifically designed for Android and iOS mobile devices, the 320×100 Mobile Banner ad size is crucial for effectively monetizing mobile traffic. Its optimized size as well as targeted approach makes it an essential choice for publishers who want to efficiently monetize mobile traffic.

Mobile Banner 320x100 1 - Papaya Coders


What is the best size for a website banner?

Large rectangle (336 x 280 pixels) Medium rectangle (300 x 250 pixels) Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels).

What is the size of the AdSense billboard?

The Billboard (970×250)

What is the most popular ad format?

300×250 Medium Rectangle


The website surely does not guarantee the 100% accuracy of the figures. The above information is sourced from Google and various websites/ news media reports.

Lastly, we would like to tell you that choosing the right AdSense banner size and format plays a very important role in optimizing revenue.

The most important thing is that you have to first understand the user behavior, then you have to take advantage of it through data analysis, and along with that, following the best practices, publishers can enhance both user experience and ad performance.

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