9 Common Banner Ad Sizes and Their Importance

9 Common Banner Ad Sizes

Banner ads are the most popular ad type, and if you are looking to monetize your services, website banner advertising helps you do that efficiently.

The banner ad size, along with other factors like design and message, affects the clicks it attracts, making it a big factor in coverage rates. Now the question is: which banner ad sizes are effective, and why and what are important?

In this article, we discuss banner advertising, how to create effective online banner ads, and the most popular banner ad sizes.

Love them or hate them, banner ads are a big part of the internet, as a Semrush report average person sees over 1700 banner ads per month, They appear in the form of social, display, and video channels.

What Are Banner Ads?

Simply put, banner ads are graphical advertisements displayed on web pages, someone embeds a graphic on a web page to drive traffic to a website (advertiser).

Banner ads are strategically placed on web pages to attract users’ attention. Banner ads serve the purpose of allowing businesses to promote their products, services, or brand to a targeted audience in the online arena.

Why Are Banner Ad Sizes Important?

Did you know behind the success of an ad, Ad size is one of the most crucial factors banner ad sizes are important because they directly impact the visibility, compatibility, and user experience of ads. The size of a banner ad can significantly influence the overall user experience.


These 5 tools that you should use to achieve great performance with Banner Maker on Google Display Network. However, it is upon you to select the web banner size that can help you optimize the display ad campaign reach.

To achieve this, the PapayaCoders team looked at banner sizes. From Google, these are the most powerful ad sizes. The standard-sized banners can also be obtained from Google’s list of most common responsive display ad sizes.

Since Google Ads is the most popular ad network for display ads, let’s look at their:

300×250 Medium Rectangle

According to a report by Publift, 300×250 Medium Rectangle ad sizes are the most popular sizes on the internet and they can be deployed in a wide range of placements across different platforms. This ad size is widely requested and in high demand among publishers and advertisers.

300x250 Medium Rectangle - Papaya Coders

728×90 Leaderboard

728×90 leaderboard is a common size used for online ads. This size is normally seen to show ads either at the top or at the bottom of web pages with 728 pixels in width and 90 pixels in height. A highly effective advertising format designed to help you connect with your audience.

728x90 Leaderboard - Papaya Coders

336×280 Large Rectangle

“336×280 large rectangle” is another standard size for online ad banners. It is a popular choice for displaying advertisements within the content of web pages. This size typically measures 336 pixels in width and 280 pixels in height.

336x280 Large Rectangle - Papaya Coders

300×600 Half Page Ad

300×600 ads are also known as Monster MPU, this ad size is usually placed on the side of a page, It can also be run in a 160×600 ad slot and very amazing facts after using this ad size expect a very high CPM for 300×600 ads, more even than a 728×90 or 300×250.

300x600 Half Page Ad - Papaya Coders

320×50 Mobile Leaderboard

A Mobile Leaderboard is essential when running a Mobile Campaign. That is listed as a top-performing ad unit by Google AdSense.

  • Approved IAB Ad Unit
  • A solid choice for display ads on mobile sites.
  • Consistent Results for Advertisers
  • High Viewability
320x50 Mobile Leaderboard - Papaya Coders

468×60 Banner

The 468×60 banner, also known as a standard banner, the 468×60 banner has demonstrated effectiveness in driving clicks and directing traffic to the advertiser’s website or landing page.

  • Standardized size, ensuring consistency across different websites.
  • Supports various types of content, including static images.
  • 468×60 banner enjoys high visibility, maximizing exposure to website visitors.
468x60 Banner - Papaya Coders

234×60 Half Banner

The 234×60 half banner is a popular digital ad format, the 234×60 half banner offers advertisers a compact yet powerful tool for reaching their target audience and driving engagement online.

234x60 Half Banner - Papaya Coders

120×600 Skyscraper

The 120×600 skyscraper ad, also known as a vertical banner, This ad size is more likely to capture viewers’ attention and encourage interaction and this is a powerful tool for reaching their target audience and driving engagement online.

120x600 Skyscraper - Papaya Coders

160×600 Wide Skyscraper

This ad size is generally placed on the side of a page, 160×600 wide skyscraper ad includes other vertical ad formats such as the 120×600 skyscraper ad or the 300×600 half-page ad.

160x600 Wide Skyscraper 1 - Papaya Coders

How Banner Advertising Works for Publishers

Banner advertising provides publishers with a monetization opportunity by selling ad space on their websites or digital platforms. Here’s an overview of the process: 

  • First, you need to sign up with Display Network.
  • Now provides a script to add to your website.
  • The script will display banner ads without you having to worry about manual processes.
  • For every click attracted by advertisements on your website, you will be paid by that company (for example, Facebook, Google Adsense).


Why are banner ad sizes important?

Banner ad sizes are important because they determine the visibility, compatibility, and user experience and engage target audiences.

How can I choose the right banner ad size for my campaign?

To choose the right banner ad size for my campaign, you will then first need to conduct A/B testing, and analyze audience behavior to determine the optimal size for your banner ads.

Common banner ad sizes used in digital marketing?

Leaderboard, medium rectangle, skyscraper, large rectangle, and mobile-friendly formats.

Final thought

Understanding all the details and creating high-performing ads takes a lot of time and practice, so if you like this 9 Common Banner Ad Sizes and Their Importance post then must be shared with your friends. If you want to use banner ads successfully then you must choose the right size and placement for your ads, so businesses can increase their visibility and reach.

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