12 Best Interstitial Ad Networks for Publishers in [2023–24]

12 Best Interstitial Ad Networks

Ad network marketing now proliferates and becomes popular nowadays and from one of the ad networks, interstitial ad networks grabbed a crucial position, became popular among publishers, and
added developers to generate revenue.
Interstitial Ad Networks already have a second rank on the list of popularity in the present day, and 57 percent of game publishers use Interstitial Ad Networks to monetize their mobile apps and enhance their revenue.

In this particular post, we get to know the basics of interstitials and the 12 best interstitial ad networks for publishers in 2023–24.

12 Best Interstitial Ad Networks

These 12 best interstitial ad networks can be displayed on mobile apps, websites, and even within games, making them versatile for publishers seeking to maximize revenue.

  1. Ad Mob
  2. Ad Colony
  3. AdXXX
  4. AppNext
  5. APPLovin
  6. ExoClick
  7. Facebook Audience Network
  8. Fyber
  9. InMobi
  10. MediaNet
  11. StartApp
  12. Tapjoy

Interstitials Ad Network Availability

Interstitials Ad Network is available for both mobile and desktop users. This type of ad network is commonly seen in mobile apps, and most famous game publishers and developers use this platform to generate app revenue.
This ad network covers the full screen of the host app and device, their interactive content, and their audience-friendly ads, which have some dope features.

For example, after seeing a percentage of the ad, users get the option to close the ad and return to the mobile app. They can continue to watch the entire ad or simply tap the option to learn more details about the app.

Ad networks play an important role in any developer’s life; they can generate revenue for their host app. Interactive ads like video content or static ads with simple text and images are easy to adapt to both iOS and Android devices.

Ad Mob

 The most popular ad network, organized by Google, is designed specifically for mobile apps, and the first choice of any mobile app developer supports different formats, which include native ads, banners, video ads, interstitials, and rewarded ads.
Admob offers advanced ad options for monetization that help generate maximum ad revenue and are filled with various tools, like robust reporting and measurement tools that help analyze user behavior.

Ad Mob - Papaya Coders

Ad Colony

The second-most popular ad network Created in 2011, this ad platform counts as the latest mobile monetization platform in the world. Across the world, they currently have 1.5 billion users. Their advanced ad system with HD-quality images and videos helps them interact with viewers and reach a wider audience.

Ad Colony - Papaya Coders


One of the best networks that gained great popularity in adult entertainment, they were launched in 2014 and specialized in native advertising.
According to a report, they get more than 9.6 billion views daily and are covered all over the country; they get more than 500 million clicks monthly; and they also support international payments with PayPal, ePayments, Webmoney, and Wire.

ADXXX - Papaya Coders

App Lovin

Comes into the most popular ad networks with their advanced analytics tool specialized for user acquisition and retention.

Applovin was founded in 2011 and supports monetization all over the country and multiple mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Amazon, and others App Lovin supports lots of formal advertising, including banners, video ads, native ads, and interactive ads.

App Lovin - Papaya Coders


The first Indian ad network platform that served all Asian marketplaces, one of the leading app discovery platforms, helped more than 650 million users worldwide discover their relevant app based on their daily habits, unique lifestyles, and preferences.
According to a report, AppNext works with more than 60,000 ad developers and gets more than 35 billion impressions per month. Payments can be transferred by wire or PayPal.

AppNext - Papaya Coders


The best ad network platform that uses SaaS technology for both mobile and web developers, Their 24×7 support and real-time analytics make this ad network even better.

Exoclick not only supports interstitial ads but also covers a wide range of ad formats, like banners, video ad formats, video, and stream, as well as pop-unders.

ExoClick - Papaya Coders

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook recently launched its Ad Network platform for its Facebook audience. By using this ad network platform, users can display ads on their mobile app and web, which are only supported on Facebook.

They have also included an ad system called feed ads, which is also known as an audience network, but also provides some of the best features, like working in social spaces, fan support banners, interstitial ads, and native ads.

Facebook Audience Network - Papaya Coders


One of the best and leading ad networks that served their ads to millions of users, they’re working with several advertisers, publishers, and agencies, as well as other ad networks and DSPs.
FYber provides you with video advertisements, performance campaigns, interstitial ads, video advertisements, and other different ad formats.

Fyber - Papaya Coders

In Mobi

InMobi is the leading and biggest ad network platform in the world; it reaches more than 1.5 billion unique devices worldwide and is one of the oldest ad network programs.

InMobi was founded in 2007 and supports all types of ad formats, which include interactive ads and banners, as well as rewarded video ads and native ads.

In Mobi - Papaya Coders


Comes into one of the high-paying contextual ad networks that work with big-name newspapers such as Forbes, CNN, WebMD, and Reuters. They only work with publishers who are capable of providing high-quality content.

MediaNet - Papaya Coders


They provide you with advanced analytics tools, which help with audience retention and generate more revenue. They also guarantee a 100 percent fill rate. It also supports a wide range of interstitial ad formats and banner ads, as well as the option of an app wall and entry/exit ads. 

StarApp - Papaya Coders

Tap joy

It was founded in 2007, and Tap Joy introduced itself as a mobile advertising, app monetization, and market research solution.

They are not the same as other ad networks; they have their virtual currency and provide you with promoted apps and other services that you can use to purchase other apps.

tapjoy - Papaya Coders

FAQ: Interstitial Ad Networks

Which is the best ad network for publishers?

Google AdSense is usually the No. 1 way for publishers.

What is the best practice for interstitial ads?

Avoid placing an interstitial ad every single time the user takes an action.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

Earnings can vary from $0.5 to $2.5 per 1000 views.


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