Razorpay payment Gateway started Onboarding New Customer [2024]

Razorpay payment Gateway started Onboarding New Customer

This article welcomes you to the world of digital online payments! In this article, we will understand in detail all the things about the recent launch of the Razorpay payment gateway to onboard new customers. Let me tell you that Razorpay is at the forefront of providing secure and seamless payment processing.

Razorpay Payment Gateway Started Onboarding New Customer

Razorpay Company is a very large digital payment company that has been completely banned by the Central Bank from adding new customers for its payment gateway business. Once Razorpay receives the necessary full approvals, they may make an official announcement on their website and social media platforms very soon.

Let me tell you that for businesses interested in using this platform, there is an option to join their waiting list. If you sign up to the waiting list, you will receive timely notifications as soon as they reopen new business onboarding.

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What is Razorpay Payment Gateway?

Razorpay Apps, which is an Indian payment gateway that allows online businesses to accept payments through various means, was founded in the year 2014. Transactions of businesses and customers become extremely seamless, Accept payments from countries across the world.

Benefits of Razorpay Payment Gateway

Major reports show that the majority of businesses using it have seen an increase in conversion rates and Sources said CCAvenue has seen an +18% jump in new online merchant signups, with the gateway’s range of payment methods catering to a wide audience. The best part is that its stringent security and conduct protocols create trust and affinity among users.

  • They provided a User-friendly Interface.
  • Razorpay apps provide Multiple Payment Options.
  • Razorpay ensures secure transactions.
  • Offers reliable customer support.
  • The gateway fully supports subscription-based models as well as recurring payments.
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Security Measures and Fraud Prevention

Two-factor authentication
It implements multi-layered security features including two-factor authentication to ensure a better and secure payment environment that will keep you completely safe.

Risk assessment tools
Protecting businesses and consumers with sophisticated risk assessment tools to drastically reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Future Developments and Enhancements

Upcoming Features

Razorpay’s upcoming features aim to enhance the user experience as well as make the transaction process extremely easy and simple.

Innovation strategies
The focus of the Razorpay company promises many improvements in the future that will add value to the processes and its services.

Integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway in Android?

As we know Razorpay Payment Gateway Started Onboarding New Customers, we now let know about the integrated Razorpay payment gateway in Android if you are interested in this heading then you must follow all the steps very carefully:-

  1. Sign Up and Set Up a Razorpay Account.
  2. Then you add Razorpay SDK to Your Android Project.
  3. Implement Payment in Your App or Software.
  4. After completing that process Test and Go Live.
implementation 'com.razorpay:checkout:1.6.9'
Checkout checkout = new Checkout();
JSONObject options = new JSONObject();
try {
    // Set your options like amount, currency, etc.
    options.put("name", "Your App Name");
    options.put("description", "Payment for services/goods");
    options.put("currency", "INR"); // Change to your currency
    options.put("amount", "10000"); // Amount in paise
    checkout.open(activity, options);
} catch (JSONException e) {
public void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {
    super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data);
    if (requestCode == Checkout.RA_ZORPAY_PAYMENT_REQUEST_CODE) {
        if (resultCode == Activity.RESULT_OK) {
            // Payment Successful
            String paymentId = data.getStringExtra("payment_id");
            // Handle success
        } else if (resultCode == Checkout.RA_ZORPAY_PAYMENT_CANCELLED) {
            // Payment Cancelled by User
            // Handle cancellation
        } else if (resultCode == Checkout.RA_ZORPAY_ERROR) {
            // Payment Error
            // Handle error

People also ask:-

Is Razorpay onboarding new customers?

Having received the new PA license, we now restart onboarding new customers.

Which payment gateway is onboarding new merchants in India?

Razorpay and Cashfree Payments gateway is onboarding new merchants in India.

Why payment gateways are not onboarding new customers?

They may need to undergo audits or updates to their systems to ensure compliance due to this payment gateways are not onboarding new customers.

Is Razorpay not onboarding new merchants?

In a Razorpay statement, they said. “We are now onboarding new merchants on our payment gateway due to some reasons.

Which bank asked Razorpay to pause onboarding new merchants?

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to pause onboarding of new online payment merchants.


Ultimately, this initiative to onboard new customers using Razorpay reflects our commitment to providing an exceptional payment gateway experience. But its strong security, user-friendly interface as well as constant change make it the preferred choice for businesses and individuals.

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