MultiLogin vs GoLogin:- Guide In 2024

MultiLogin vs GoLogin

Are you looking for a proper anti-detect browser? Then you have come to the right post. This article introduces you to two known browsers on the market: the MultiLogin vs GoLogin browsers. Yes, now you will get complete help in choosing which anti-detect browser is better for you between Multilogin and Gologin through this blog.

MultiLogin vs GoLogin: which one is better for your needs?

Big experts believe that anti-detect browsers are fully capable of providing the best deal of anonymity, security, and privacy. It also turns out that they can allow using multiple private accounts simultaneously from one profile and change fingerprints, so let’s consider the feature of MultiLogin vs GoLogin Browser in these browsers.

MultiLogin vs GoLogin:- Overview of Features

Below is an overview of the features offered by each platform to help you understand which one has better capabilities:-

CleanInterfaceVery Simple
Utilize fingerprinting techniquesFingerprint ManagementFingerprinting techniques. 
CollaborativeCustomer ServicePoor
DynamicIP ProviderDynamic
€99/month (Starting plan)Price€49/month (starting plan)
Profiles: 1000 saved profiles (Maximum)Number of Profiles10,000 profiles only (custom)
Social media, e-commerce, cryptocurrency, and more.Target CustomerMarketing Online Earning Development.
Only support 64-bitPlatform compatibilityOnly support 64-bit

Multilogin vs GoLogin: Which One is Better?

The choice between multilogin vs gologin ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Let’s compare these two anti-detect browsers to find the one better suited to your needs.



  • Extensive features include multilogin proxy integration, browser profiles, and automation capabilities.
  • Security: prioritizes robust management, fingerprinting features, and multilogin security.
  • Flexibility: Multilogin provides flexibility in customization.
  • Pricing: Professional: $49/month; Business: $99/month; Enterprise: $199/month; Custom: $1999/month (for 10,000 user profiles).


  • Learning Curve: Due to its extensive features, it can have a steep learning curve for new users.
  • Cost: higher than some other solutions.



  • Simplicity: GoLogin provides a user-friendly interface.
  • Customization: It caters to its users’ individual preferences and offers customization options like profile customization and geo-location settings.
  • Affordability: GoLogin is often more budget-friendly than MultiLogin.
  • Pricing Plans: Solo: €99/month (for 100 saved profiles); Team: €199/month (for 300 saved profiles); Scalel: €399/month (for 1000 saved profiles).


  • Limited advanced features: GoLogin may need to include some of the advanced features offered by MultiLogin.
  • Security: While GoLogin categorizes security, it may not offer the same advanced security features as MultiLogin.

People also ask:

Below are some Google FAQs comparing multi-login and log-in:

Can I use Multilogin or GoLogin for social media management?

Yes, you are suitable for both multi-login and login social media management tasks.

How do Multilogin and GoLogin handle browser fingerprints?

They have much more advanced fingerprint management features to maintain anonymity and prevent identification.

Can I automate tasks with Multilogin and GoLogin?

Yes, both platforms provided automation capabilities.


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Choosing between multilogin and gologin requires careful consideration of your specific needs and objectives. The article provides a conclusive comparison between the MultiLogin Browser and GoLogin.

Both platforms offer advanced features designed to effectively streamline account management tasks. You can choose the one that best matches your workflow and objectives. After reading this blog, you must have realized by now that both browsers have their shortcomings.

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