How Publishers Can Monetize Adblock Traffic [2024]

How Publishers Can Monetize Adblock Traffic

Adblockers cause severe profit losses for publishers. This article proudly shares a trusted technique and strategies that can help you monetize adblock traffic, and after reading this article, you will surely make a profit. How Publishers Can Monetize Adblock Traffic Let’s start with the basics.

First off, what is an AdBlock?

Simply put, AdBlock is a software extension that removes advertisements from the sites you visit. But if you are searching to know how publishers can monetize adblock traffic, then you have come to the perfect website.

Before starting, according to the report, publift websites were estimated to have lost publishers $35 billion in revenue in 2020 alone.

If we know it technically, they block web requests for downloading content in the browser. Which allows web pages to load faster and provide a better browser experience.

How does an ad blocker work?

If you have installed an ad blocker, then a question must be coming to your mind: how does this ad blocker work? then let’s know it!

How does an ad blocker work - Papaya Coders

It relies on AdBlock filter lists. These are very simple lists whose function is to determine what to block and hide, simply consisting of a list of URLs in the form of an “allowlist” or “blocklist.”

When you visit any website on the Internet, the first thing they check is whether that website is on any of these filter lists or not. If so, the request for external content is blocked, the ad webpage stops appearing, or the ads do not download on the webpage.

Nearly 25% of internet users in the US used blocker software in 2019, an increase of 24% from 2018.

How Publishers can monetize Adblock traffic?

Your search ends now, as we have gathered 5+ ways for publishers to ensure that ad blockers do not compromise their revenue streams. We will list them now.

Ask users to whitelist your website

Along with asking your users to whitelist through your website or blog, you include short and simple text so that they can fully enjoy the rich content presented, appreciate your sentiments, and also share enough reasons to whitelist your site.

Be sure to thank your visitors for using your content and taking the time to do so. Let them know how your ad is helping you improve the quality and frequency of your output.

The report finds that Internet users do not find affiliate links annoying at all, insofar as they relate closely to the information they seek. It’s the same with contextual ads. So, please ask them to whitelist your website.

Integrate anti-adblock solutions

Integrating anti-adblock solutions can help mitigate revenue loss caused by adblockers. There are several effective methods to consider:-

  1. Anti-Adblock Scripts
  2. Anti-Adblock Pop-ups
  3. Anti-Adblock Detection Plugins
  4. Ad Recovery Platforms
  5. Educational Messaging

Using this integrated method, you get solutions and can minimize revenue loss.

Implement Adblock Walls

According to the statement, adblockers employ systems to restrict content access for users, urging them to disable blockers or whitelist them. Use pop-ups or overlays intuitively to prompt the desired action while maintaining the user experience.

Frequently Changed Ad Formats

Another useful strategy for monetizing adblock traffic is to change ad formats every few days so you can avoid ad-blocking scripts, as adblock plugins or software monitor ad content as well as search. Use various techniques.

Include Native Ads or Direct Links

Both direct links and on-page push ads provide opportunities to reach your target audience.

Direct links can be placed anywhere publishers want, especially in text, making them extremely difficult for adblocking tools to detect. You can place the direct link directly in the body of your text.

Native ads blend seamlessly into web content, and native banners can help you monetize adblock traffic on both desktop and mobile. And it does not create any kind of inconvenience for your visitors.

Place Ads Smartly

An important strategy that publishers can use to help is ad placement and the type of ads displayed on the webpage.

  • Consider the context: Match your ad content with the platform or website where it’s displayed.
  • Test and Learn: Experiment with different ad placements and strategies, and learn from the results.
  • Monitor Performance: Keep track of how your ads are doing using metrics like clicks and conversions.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on new trends and technologies in advertising.
  • Think About User Experience: Make sure your ads aren’t intrusive to users.
  • Focus on Quality: Prioritize making good ads that people will want to see.

Display Alternate Ad Content

Use your website to promote your social media channels, increasing your following and engagement. There are a variety of ways to market alternative advertising content that can be placed on your blog or site. You can also create your own static ad, which fills an empty slot on a web page to promote services or products.

Various forms of alternative content that can help increase revenue flow include the following:

  • Selling digital products: Create and sell digital products such as eBooks, courses, templates, or software related to your niche.
  • Promote social media channels: Use your website to promote your social media channels, increasing your following and engagement.
  • Advertising affiliate marketing offers: Earn commissions for every sale or lead generated through your affiliate links.
  • Advertisements Podcasts with audio ads that can’t be blocked.

Block content from AdBlock users

This method works similarly to whitelisting, but in this case, you behave more straightforwardly.

Now, from users, I gave notice to using AdBlock, and therefore, unless they whitelist your website, they will not be able to enjoy the content. This way, only non-Adblock users are allowed to view the content.

The goal of using it should be to strike a balance between generating revenue and providing a positive user experience.

Final Thoughts

Adblock software was launched in 2002, after which publishers are constantly looking for alternative and different types of strategies to maximize their advertising revenue.

Ad-blocking tools affect the revenue of many websites, which is a huge problem for those who rely solely on advertising.

We know that in the market, several strategies can help to monetize adblock traffic, but there is no guarantee that any one strategy will work or not. If you want to try methods, then try them.

According to media reports, it has been found that there are more than 800 million devices that block advertisements, causing billions of dollars in losses to companies and publishers.

PubLift has been helping publishers maximize, and that promise to the ad block recovery tool has provided an average of 6-8% increase in page RPM, and our clients achieve an average 55% increase in ad revenue.


Does AdBlock affect monetization?

Yes, AdBlockers can significantly affect website monetization.

Which company owns AdBlock?

free and open-source browser extension, developed by Eyeo GmbH.

Does AdBlock affect AdSense?

Yes, this AdBlock affects AdSense revenue for publishers.

Is Google killing AdBlock?

The report indicates that the website Web Ad Blocker as well as companion other Chrome extensions will stop working by June 2024.


The website surely does not guarantee the 100% accuracy of the figures. The above information is sourced from Google, various websites, and news media reports.

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