How do I get a Graduate Job in Marketing [2024]

How do I get a graduate job in marketing

The digital marketing field is a better field to make a career in today’s time. If are you also searching this keyword on Google, ‘How do I get a graduate job in marketing‘, then you have reached the right place.

Here you will be sharing all the information related to a graduate job in marketing, using this if you are unemployed or thinking of changing jobs then you can make your career in this field.

Career in Digital Marketing

Content Marketing ManagerYearly Packege
Website Designer4 Lakhs
Digital ADS Manager5 Lakhs
Video Markting Manger10 Lakhs
Email Marekting Manger4 Lakhs 
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)6 Lakhs
Social Media Manager7 Lakhs
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)8 Lakhs
Social Media Advisor4 Lakhs
Social Media  Analyst6 Lakhs
Digital Marketing Manger8 Lakhs

How do I get a graduate job in marketing?

How do I get a graduate job in marketing 2024 - Papaya Coders
How do I get a graduate job in marketing

Marketing is about promoting an organization’s goods or services to a larger audience, as well as to all sectors of the industry and the public, private, and third sectors. You may be hired by a company or directly by a PR or communications department, either in a separate department or as part of one.

Traditional marketing, which used offline techniques such as mailshots as well as print media, and digital marketing in today’s digital age, There used to be a distinction between marketing activities conducted online and through social media.

However because the digital media industry is growing so rapidly, graduates can expect to be hired directly into “digital marketing jobs” or “marketing jobs” that cover both digital and offline channels.

Advertising a product as effectively as possible requires excellent people and negotiating abilities, as well as a deep understanding of strategy and mathematics. It is important to understand customers as well as develop positive working relationships with suppliers and customers.

What degree subject do you need to get a job in marketing or digital marketing?

A degree in marketing or communications often gives you advantages. Having a degree in communications or marketing usually gives you an edge over the competition. However, you don’t specifically need to have a marketing degree or related qualifications to work in marketing.

A degree in any one of several fields, including business, journalism, or languages, will prepare someone for a job in marketing. If you want to work in data-driven marketing, a degree in a numerical or technical discipline may be preferred, as you will need to be comfortable using data.

Getting a graduate job in marketing or digital marketing

Getting a graduate job in marketing or digital marketing - Papaya Coders

Apply for an advertised graduate program or entry-level job

Every consumer-facing company needs a marketing team and many larger companies also offer graduate programs. These are either dedicated, standalone marketing plans or involve marketing placement as part of a wider commercial or operational program. For example, check out L’Oréal’s graduate marketing program.

Other companies, especially smaller companies, fill open entry-level positions as needed. Look for job titles like Marketing Assistant, Marketing Executive, Marketing Coordinator, Promotion Executive, or Digital Assistant. Alternatively, the terms assistant, graduate, or trainee may be associated with specific job roles like trainee insight analyst.

Digital and data marketing: graduate marketing role

Data-driven marketing is marketing that uses insights and data collected about people to better sell them products and services. There are many types of data or digital marketing. Data scientists, analysts, and planners are needed to analyze the data received and provide practical conclusions. Planners need to find ways to access this data. used. Learn more about digital and data-driven marketing here.

What are the salaries for marketing and digital marketing jobs?

Recruitment agency Michael Page puts the national average for a marketing assistant with little or no prior experience at £24,000 in 2022, based on vacancies to be filled. But real pay factors such as location Michael Page says marketing assistants earn £29,280 in London, but only £22,800 in north-east England.

A digital (marketing) assistant with little or no prior experience typically earns an average of £22,000 nationally, but £26,840 in London and £21,560 in Wales, and typically with no or little prior experience A social media manager typically earns £26,500 nationally, £32,330 in London and £25,175 in north-east England.

Salaries for senior marketing roles within digital marketing can exceed £50,000: and a digital marketing manager with the average level of digital marketing experience earns this much on average – £103,700 in London and £47,000 in North-East England – while the average experience A Head of Marketing earns £71,00 nationally (£86,620 and £67,450 in London).

Apply speculatively and network your way into a marketing job

Applications with a high degree of speculation might be beneficial, especially for smaller businesses. Applying speculatively means contacting a business that isn’t posting job openings right now to see if you can get a job offer or if they can’t, some work experience.

To accomplish this, you usually submit your resume together with a customized cover letter that briefly describes your qualifications for the position, what you could offer the firm, and why you would like to work there. Make sure you’ve done extensive research on the company. See an example of a speculative application for work experience at a book publisher and learn more about creating one.

Attending career fairs and other networking events might help you make contacts and land a job. These might take place in person or digitally. Additionally, you may connect with marketing experts on social media, particularly LinkedIn (first learn how to make the ideal LinkedIn profile, and then learn how to utilize LinkedIn to get a job). It is crucial to establish your brand on all social media platforms.

Do I need professional qualifications to get a job in marketing?

Although you should know that it is not always mandatory, professional qualifications increase your chances of getting a job in marketing, demonstrating expertise as well as commitment to the field.


Is it hard to get a job in marketing?

Yes, securing a job in marketing can be competitive due to the diverse skill sets as well as the demand for creative professionals.

What is the salary after marketing?

The average salary for a Marketing Manager is ₹13,55,000 per year in India.

What qualifications do you need for a marketing job?

Bachelor’s degree, or degree in business with a concentration in marketing.


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Getting a graduate job in marketing requires a blend of education, relevant experience, networking, and a proactive approach to stand out in the competitive job market as we explained above.

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